The Cornelius Cardew Concerts Trust

"Become the Sea, Become the Space"
A Song Cycle specially written by eleven composers

Friday, November 17th, 2023
Holst Room, Morley College
61 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7HT

Tickets are £10 available on the door.

The Cornelius Cardew Concerts Trust (CCCT), in partnership with the Music Department of Morley College, is really excited to present this concert of new music written in response to the 2023 Call for Compositions of the CCCT. This is music for a unique collection of performers which reflects Michael Chant's specially written poem, Become the Sea, Become the Space, in a myriad of ways, forming thereby a whole which hangs together. This is new music not in any sense of not caring for the audience but rather pointing towards what it means to be in step with the times with music coming from the heart. This project takes inspiration from the example of Cornelius Cardew who linked his music with the struggle to open the door to progress, to lead to a cherished future of socialised humanity.

Composers who have contributed:
Jonathan Case, Michael Chant, Rob Cooper, Alison Doubleday, Ann Gates, Ross Francis George, Andrew Kear Harrod, Elif Nur Karlidag, Peter Openshaw, Jane Serter, Hugh Shrapnel

Performed by:
Lotte Betts-Dean and Rachel Roper (mezzo-sopranos) with Lesley Larkum (violin)

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Cornelius Cardew was a renowned composer, musician and modern communist.

The Cornelius Cardew Concerts Trust celebrates the path that he was instrumental in opening up in the world of new music. We encourage composers to respond to a call for music that, like the music of Cornelius, is dedicated to the New, a living music that might have a beautiful, militant, human-centred character.

Cornelius Cardew was always a pathfinder, and it is well known that Cornelius, as well as being an outstanding musician and composer, became a leading political figure and communist. He was a champion of enlightenment and progress in the political, social and cultural fields, his life, ideas and music forming an integral whole.

Cornelius' greatest legacy, one might say, is of keeping in step with the requirements of the times in a manner that accepts no dogmatic rendering of reality or limitations on the human spirit and striving to contribute to the creation of a new world of socialised humanity.

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